• I've had the pleasure of working with Jack Tan on several projects, spanning over the past 7 years, while at Nickelodeon Asia Holdings Pte Ltd (Singapore), and currently, at BBC Worldwide (Singapore).

    Jack illustrates excellent competence as a cameraman, constantly maintaining a high level of skill and proficiency, and consciously keeping abreast with top-notch technical standards in the field of television and film.

    While employing a keen eye on creativity and quality, Jack also exhibits a good sense of emotionality, friendliness and diplomacy when dealing with crew, talents and clients, an important attribute that contributes to an overall successful shoot.

    In short, gifted, persevering and amicable, is how I would like to describe Jack Tan.

    Andrea Fernandez
    BBC Worldwide

  • Jack and I have worked on numerous projects over the last eight years. His talent and dedication to his work is simply outstanding, his energy and eye for details is exceptional. Each and every project he has undertaken for me has been memorable. I wish jack and his team the very best for all his future endeavours.

    Mike Harvey
    Executive Producer
    ESPN Star Sports

  • Because of its years of experience, Mediascope Productions has been able to provide Channel 8 with best in class services. From their state of the art cinematography and unsurpassed production support to their helpful, knowledgeable, friendly crew members, our experience with Mediascope Productions confirms to us that we've partnered with true leaders in the media industry.

    I recommend them to you without reservation.

    Danny Loh
    Creative Director
    NPP8, Creative Services
    Mediacorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Mediascope is a fully equipped production company that can cater to various shooting requirements, including special equipments when needed. Jack and his seasoned crew are beyond professional. They are highly skilled in their areas of expertise and provide efficient solutions to problems on set. Their passion and professionalism are evidence of their stake in the local media industry, as well as, internationally. In recognition of their work, they have also won regional and international awards.

    Ray Chia
    Senior Promotions Producer
    On-Air Promotions, Channel 5
    Mediacorp TV Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Many people give me a little too much credit for what I do in front of a camera, what most people do not understand is that my relationship with camera is really about my relationship with the camera person. Jack is a cameraman that knows what to do instinctively. He works hard and fast. He is organized and a good travel companion. He puts the hours in and never complains.

    Bobby Chin
    Celebrity Chef

  • I've always enjoyed working with Jack and his crew for the past 6 years, he is often first on my list of priorities when I'm looking for DP. Jack is knowledgeable and keeps himself updated on the latest camera technologies. He knows his cameras very well and is competent in using a wide range of cameras, including underwater and aerial videography. He has a steady hand and a very good sense of shot composition, lighting and camera technique. He keeps an open mind on the best way to shooting a scene, and often give creative suggestions. There is lively dialogue between myself as director and Jack – this helps improve the quality of the shoot as we discuss different ways or styles.

    Mia Joo
    Head, Production
    Executive Producer / Director
    Spinn Private Limited

  • I have worked with Jack Tan on numerous award winning programmes and I have to say if I am working anywhere in Asia he is my first choice every time. In fact he is one of the best Cameraman/DOP I have worked with anywhere in the world. He is creative with his lighting, amazingly knowledgeable with his camera's and has a great "eye" with his operating. He is always aware of time restraints and is sympathetic to budgetary demands. He is hard working and never complains.

    Peter Wisdom

  • Jack, remains as one of my most favourite and beloved DOP. If I were to make my first feature film, I will do it with him.

    Victor Thng
    Award Winning Short-Filmmaker